Our Little Dance

by Tiffany Layne

Sometimes you surprise me
And you’re everything I need
Sometimes you forsake me
And I’m left here all alone
Sometimes you’re a stranger
More than twenty years later
Sometimes I know you so well-
Then I don’t know you at all
I just want to surrender
Even when you’re pulling me under
I want to drown in you
Or just get drunk on your love
A force I cannot explain
Takes hold again and again
Leaving me without a breath
To breathe on my own
I can never just walk away
I blame it on the words you say
Truth is I wouldn’t try anyway
The game we play is too strong
So whisper your sweet nothings
Tell me they don’t mean a thing
Then beg me to hold you again
Find yourself in my arms
We’ll do our little dance
Deny that we shared romance
Lie that we had our chance
Pretend what we had is gone
Come back and hold my hand
Tell me how you understand
Proclaim to be my best friend
Then leave me alone…

3 Comments to “Our Little Dance”

  1. This one breaks my heart.

  2. I almost shed a tear, and two poems as well 🙂

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