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Poetry challenge: Christmas poem

Poetry challenge: Acrostic poem.

Poetry challenge: Tongue twister poem.

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Poetry challenge: Valentines poem

Poetry challenge: Christmas poem.

Poetry challenge: Acrostic poem

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Poetry challenge: Valentines day poem.

Poetry challenge: Christmas poem

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Poetry challenge: Musette Poems.

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Poetry challenge: Sonnet poems.

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Poetry challenge: Christmas poem.

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Poetry challenge

Poetry challenge 2

Acrostic  Poetry  Challenge.


49 Responses to “Poetry challenges”

  1. title: Life Stinks

    Forgive me my love
    Always I promised more than did
    Regretting actions – heaven nose
    Telling lies of silence

  2. Many times Bill 🙂 could you copy to the main page please and change the title to ” Acrostic poem: Fart ” then i can make a category.

  3. I chanced upon this and I have something written.. but where exactly am I meant to post it?

  4. I love “Farts” Bill 🙂 Good One!

  5. There’s a 404 Error on Poetry challenge 3.

  6. For the next challenge, what about if we each wrote one on ourselves, on the way we see ourselves? I got the idea after reading TJ’s ‘Self Portrait’.

  7. How about an iambic pentameter challenge? It is so difficult to find any poets who try to write verse.

  8. There’s a 404 error on the Limerick challenge now.

  9. Hi, here’s my poem (acrostic)

    Love Has Found Me
    A poem by: Maria Elena Bitare

    Love seems to never find me
    Every step seems to be so lonely
    Not until you came and have found me
    And now forever is to stay eternally

  10. Here is a little limerick that always put a smile on a gal’s face.

    I’m in like with you, I can’t fake it.
    And there’s no way I can mistake it.
    I constantly find
    I have you on my mind….
    And my darling, you’re not always naked!

  11. The Most Famous Speech In The English Language Reduced To A Five Line Limerick With A Texas Twist

    So you were riding high in the saddle.
    Now you’re up a creek with no paddle.
    ‘Tis nobler in the mind
    To get off your behind
    And make that Sea of Troubles skedaddle!

  12. I Remember When I Could Remember Limerick

    I was once a dynamic think tank.
    Now I find myself drawing a blank.
    I guess I’m resigned
    That I’m losing my mind…
    And I’m overdrawn at the memory bank!

  13. Joel Kravitz, I had to remove your last poem as unsuitable.

  14. thanks Harry. I needed to know where you drew the line on the limericks as the genre has always been a bit “dirty.” I won’t be going in that direction anymore.

  15. The free verse poetry is showing an error

  16. umm…the sonnet poetry link shows an error….sorry to interrupt

  17. Here is my Lanturne:

    Wishes Made
    a Dream Come True

    Melba Christie

  18. Love the poem, but totally cosnufed by the thread of comments??? Obviously, must have had something to do with your original picture? LOL.Guess it’s going to be my day of confusion

  19. Hello! I’ve submitted a challenge too, please take a look 🙂

  20. forgive the ones who did not blink, in spite of your enormous stink
    and help for others that ran like hell, can be found next door at Taco Bell
    and if you didn’t wipe your butt, perhaps you should not make the ‘cut’
    I’m only jesting, but of course, that’s why my wife filed for divorce
    we’re always at a picture show, when the urge begins to grow
    five dollar hot dogs and two dollar beer bring folks to their feet to get out of there
    then, when in bed and under cover, I speak in voices to my lover
    toothless one, don’t let me down, as you speak to me in shades of brown
    with tummy rumbles, I am done, until tomorrow, it’s been fun
    ta! da!


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