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If you are a visiting and would like to leave a poem on Poets Corner.

Please use the form below and i will post it for you.

Do not worry how the poem lines up while posting here, i will receive it correctly. 

If you want to contact me please use the contact me form.



126 Comments to “Submit a poem”

  1. I sent in a poem and it’s the very first I ever shared. If there is any mistake, or any mistakes as it is in my case, do tell me so I may change it. Thankyou

  2. I have sent in a poem..but due to some problem the lines came out to be quite unorganized..but i enjoyed writing..If any errors..please kindly let me know for corrections.

  3. I wrote a poem n requires your attention and correct me to errors .please with your all means im asking for your time

  4. I just submitted a poem. thank you very much for the opportunity. This is a great space for new poets like myself. 🙂

  5. I just submitted a poem feel to make any corrections if needed

  6. I just submitted a poem feel free to make any corrections if needed

  7. I just submitted my poem. Kindly check and acknowledge if you have received it. Regards

  8. how do i submit an image for a poem

  9. I’ve submitted a poem, if there is any suggestions I would be very please to know them.
    Thank you so much!

  10. I just submitted my first poem! Thank you!

  11. I’m new to wordpress and i came across your page…love it! I just submitted two of my poems 🙂

  12. Do poetry submissions posted always link to the writers’ blogs?

  13. I find this a very interesting site and I would like to submit my poem and join your community. Can I post poems that I have already published in my blog? Or should it be one that has not been published at all? Anyway the one I am sending has not been posted anywhere. I am just asking this for future submitting.

  14. I have just submitted a poem “Ode to fear”. Can I join your community to post more poems in future? But I do not maintain a blog or a website. Is it okay? I used to long time back but now I do not maintain one.

  15. hey there, i have submitted a poem but the irony , i forgot to give it a title ..more so, i would like it a lot if u gave a title to it ..thanx

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