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152 Comments to “Submit a poem”

  1. I sent in a poem and it’s the very first I ever shared. If there is any mistake, or any mistakes as it is in my case, do tell me so I may change it. Thankyou

  2. I have sent in a poem..but due to some problem the lines came out to be quite unorganized..but i enjoyed writing..If any errors..please kindly let me know for corrections.

  3. I wrote a poem n requires your attention and correct me to errors .please with your all means im asking for your time

  4. I just submitted a poem. thank you very much for the opportunity. This is a great space for new poets like myself. 🙂

  5. I just submitted a poem feel to make any corrections if needed

  6. I just submitted a poem feel free to make any corrections if needed

  7. I just submitted my poem. Kindly check and acknowledge if you have received it. Regards

  8. how do i submit an image for a poem

  9. I’ve submitted a poem, if there is any suggestions I would be very please to know them.
    Thank you so much!

  10. I just submitted my first poem! Thank you!

  11. I’m new to wordpress and i came across your page…love it! I just submitted two of my poems 🙂

  12. Do poetry submissions posted always link to the writers’ blogs?

  13. I find this a very interesting site and I would like to submit my poem and join your community. Can I post poems that I have already published in my blog? Or should it be one that has not been published at all? Anyway the one I am sending has not been posted anywhere. I am just asking this for future submitting.

  14. I have just submitted a poem “Ode to fear”. Can I join your community to post more poems in future? But I do not maintain a blog or a website. Is it okay? I used to long time back but now I do not maintain one.

  15. hey there, i have submitted a poem but the irony , i forgot to give it a title ..more so, i would like it a lot if u gave a title to it ..thanx

  16. this is my poem- please enjoy-I would, I could but need the voice to compose
    A symphony , a song, a request or even better a petition for me,
    The time ,the habits have changed and serve me ,
    two eggs, two words are key.or even three words
    that would (perhaps) SAY let it be done
    To prove power, past all experiences .
    like lightning, that offers answers ,
    Pure answers well-rounded straight answers .
    O, speak on my behalf – am skill hopeful to orchestrate
    A tune that could give thanks an glory give wisdom. justice;
    From me such heavenly throne, kindly emanate
    all the stop signs ,turn all away and I am empowerment now

  17. I just submitted my first poem to your site. Thank you for the opportunity to share. I am enjoy reading all the poems from this amazing community of writers.

  18. I submitted two poems via “Submit a poem” form and have left comments in the “Contact Me” section too. But I haven’t received any confirmation. I would really appreciate if I can know that I haven’t made any mistake. Thanks a ton.

  19. I submitted 2 poems here. I left a comment in the “About” section but I haven’t received any response there. I would like to know if I did something wrong. Thanks a lot!

  20. Dear Harry,
    I just submitted a poem named” Making of a lover” Thanks.

  21. Hello! I just submitted, “Resin” the photo is on my page…Thank you for the opportunity! 🙂

  22. Hello, I have submitted a poem, Please let me know how it works!

  23. Just now I have shared a poem originally published in my blog DEMYSTIFYING DESTINY.
    Thank you.

  24. Thank you allowing me to submit my poetry. Its much appreciated.

  25. Just submitted mine, hope you like it “My worst kept secret.” Lovely site here

  26. you do have a lovely site … submitted mine also hope u like it have others too
    blessings peace

  27. All is One

    We breathe the air,
    We have souls invisible,
    Our bodies that often tumble,
    But the souls are always fair.

    This, true, be the oneness,
    We flee from unless,
    We’re put in the ground,
    Shall we be aware with no air.

  28. Sorry, for not following instructions well, regarding leaving a comment here. Please let me know if there is any corrections I need to make. Thank you for making this platform available to share our work. This is my first time to share a poem here, but not my first time visiting. Have a lovely day.

  29. If you still accept submissions these days, I submitted a poem through this link but am not 100% sure you would have received it, as I was having some network issues… Gotta love technology! Did you receive it?

  30. Hey, just recently submitted a poem and hope you have received it. I have more on my page which I would love to share with you and hope you post a few of them. Great work, love what you are doing. Thank you

  31. At last, a site where one can place some of his writings, no drama, no fuss. Thanks for providing this oasis in which one can get a cup of water/.

  32. Low life creeps – your advertised email address for submissions ( . on’t send

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