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July 29, 2020


by ladyliterati

a plethora of words

taken out of context

nouns, pronouns

verbs, adverbs

in similitude of mass conjecture

falling on deaf ears.

O’Prunty 7/29/2020

July 17, 2020

Small Acts of Rebellion

by Alanna

Not flossing before bed

Saying no to the news

Watching a movie first thing in the morning

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July 5, 2020


by dokurtybitz

She’s cold
Cuddling for warmth
By herself,
I ache to be there
Wrap her in my arms
Safe and warm
(And snore-free, in my mind)
She can sleep peacefully through
The night

July 5, 2020


by dokurtybitz

Angels are bowling
In heaven

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June 23, 2020

The Broken In Me

by ladyliterati

I’ll comfort you.

when times get rough

you’ve had enough

& no longer feel tough

just feel like giving up

I’ll comfort you.

when tears of despair fall

I will catch them all

toss them to the rain

wash away the pain.

then you’ll come to realize

this, this, is where love resides.

O’Prunty 6/32/2020

June 21, 2020


by ladyliterati

light came dancing through the trees

on twigs, branches, vibrant leaves

as day dawned delightfully:

just me, my garden,

and loose-leaf tea…O’Prunty 6/21/2020

June 21, 2020

Poem for Summer Solstice

by Alanna

I sought the perfect poem

for this longest day

It was a Goldilocks affair-

this poem too flowery

this poem- what does this one have to do

with Summer Solstice?

None were right

I cannot wear the words of these authors


So I must write my own poem

of what the Summer Solstice means to me

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June 10, 2020


by dokurtybitz

They trill in their thousands
Briefly over powered by
Bullfrog or car,
Singing ever louder
A carpet of sound
Growing ever closer
Pressing inside of my

June 10, 2020


by dokurtybitz

The need
For her controlling
Tugging and pulling
My hair,
A needy itch
One only She can relieve,
An ache in my groin, head,
And heart. 

June 1, 2020

He Hid…

by ladyliterati

Like a mole




May 31, 2020

He Stoked The Fires

by ladyliterati

he stoked the fires

hiding behind white walls

reveled in the discord

imagined himself just:

the jester’s jester…O’Prunty


May 29, 2020


by dokurtybitz

The winds swirl around me,
Empty of all, save a fine grit,
Abrasive and slowly eroding,
One repetitive day at a time
Until it’s finally over,
Six feet under or the oven,
And life no longer plucks at

April 18, 2020

An “Ode To A Grilled Cheese” Limerick

by Joel Kravitz
Laura Calder grilled cheese

Laura Calder, James Beard award-winning cooking show host, posted on Facebook:

Grilled cheese with jalepeno. On insta, people are suggesting all sorts of variations: kimchi grilled cheese, Cognac grilled cheese… this could become a threat to the waistline very quickly!

November 2, 2016

Channeling Spirits

by mkvecchitto


So I let go and soar

to the new heights I crave

My appetite for precision

voracious, anticipatory,

relentless and true

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November 2, 2016

Variegation – #DailyHaikuChallenge

by Morgan

Snowfall on Trees


Lush Variegation

Autumn and Winter Fusing

Sensations Mingling


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November 2, 2016

Americas Vote: Haiku.

by Harry

A ridicules election taking place

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November 2, 2016

Haiku on Trust

by Rhyme In Time

A relationship
Is closer when built on trust.
Fear builds calluses.

November 2, 2016

Haiku on Attitude

by Rhyme In Time

“Attitude” is just
Another word for posture.
You get my leaning?

November 2, 2016

This World, A Seat

by Venkat

when fires dance in the sky

and eyes linger in deep caves

when snow flows into the heart

palms in love with fired coals


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November 2, 2016

Three Lines – Haiku

by Jem Croucher


In just three lines
Significant power to
paint pictures of life

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November 2, 2016


by mikeb



I’m wrestling with the ice cream
Inside this soft scoop box
My spoon is bent,my patience spent
I’m trying to outfox
The barrier before me
To get my just dessert
I’ll hack at that unyielding mass
No matter what the hurt.

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November 2, 2016


by Nick Anthony


Captured by demons.
Long nails gouge my ego
With gnarled fingers.
Ever they’ve crept in my wake.
At last, my race is over.

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November 1, 2016

Steel – #DailyHaikuChallenge

by Morgan



Standing Tempest Shakes

Topsy-turvy, upside-down

Embrace the steel chill

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November 1, 2016


by mkvecchitto



don’t run away

We can move mountains

if you just stay

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November 1, 2016


by Harry

Submitted by  erbiage


My love is like that northern bay
It will ebb and pull away
Then coaxed out by her shapely moon

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November 1, 2016


by Morgan



The silence Serenades my Soul

Dulcet music ringing

The distance drinks deep of my Longing

Melodious chimes Singing

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November 1, 2016

To the sea – haiku

by Jem Croucher


To the sea once more
for a battery recharge
Breathes life into me

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October 31, 2016

Boo! Halloween Haiku

by Rhyme In Time

Spooks all around me,
Feeding off my sanity.
Must be Halloween!