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20 Responses to “Contact Me”

  1. Loving being here – so many sites to peep and read.
    The standard of writing is amazing.
    Pops ~xx~

  2. I love this corner, i wish to join and share my little simple words with those great souls.

  3. I will love to join your corner! can you guide me how?
    the poem I intended to share with you is this one:

    • Sorry I forgot all about you 😦 would you please copy and paste the code under the blue badge into a text widget in your side bar.   And let me know your wordpress username from your personal settings for and invite, Harry.


  4. Thank you so much Harry for featuring my poem on your site. πŸ™‚

  5. I’m sorry I accidentally posted submit without really knowing what to do. I would like to join. How?

  6. I am sorry,I water to know how to enter the poetry challenge?

  7. hey Harry. I posted two poems and how will I get to know when they are published it? I want to submit more.

    • There was one put on last night I always email the person

      • Hello Harry,

        I posted two of my poems yesterday. But I really don’t know how this works. Would you be putting them up here if you like them?
        Sorry for sounding so lame. But I am not really a very technical person.


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