Please enjoy your time at poets corner reading the many poems from the authors.

Poet’s Corner was started to help poets showcase their own poems.

And its open to any wordpress poet to join as an author.

Authors names will be made into their own category.

The poets name and blog link will be entered into The authors  page.

So if you are an author or a visitor to Poets Corner, please enjoy the poetry.


220 Comments to “About”

  1. Hi I am new to WordPress and finding my way round. Your site looks really interesting. Most of my work is on Wattpad, where my first two collections were featured and I have just published my first book, a biography in verse on Amazon. I’d love to participate in the site if you’d have me?

  2. I enjoy this site immensely. Thank you so very much for the kind work you are showing the poetry world.

  3. I just found your site, subscribed as a follower, and submitted my first poem. I look forward to seeing the poetry of others. Thank you for posting.

  4. Nice blog! I’d love to join in.

  5. I would like to submit some of my poetry but your form requires a Website and I do not have one

  6. One ok my Poems

    Forever Written by Derek S Ward
    Ward36543@gmail.com 07543826658

    If dreams could dream forever, then maybe so could I
    And I’d dream of you, maybe the whole night through
    As the whispering shadows pass by

    If time could stand still forever, then maybe so could I
    And with no ‘tick or no tock’ or no sound from a clock
    And not a second would pass us by

    If a bird could fly forever, then maybe so could I
    And I would fly through the air, and then if I dare
    I’d let my wings touch the edge of the sky

    If saints could be saints forever, then maybe so could I
    And I would if I could, do everything good
    Or at least I’d give it a try

    If truth told the truth forever, then maybe so could I
    And with nothing to hide, I could stay by you side
    With no reason to tell you a lie

    If life could live forever, then maybe so could I
    And for all I believe and could ever conceive
    I would never have to say goodbye

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