Haven by the sea

by Jem Croucher


Opened up the beach hut
which needs a lick of paint
But it’s still a lovely place to be
All ours and very quaint
We used to paint it ‘beach-hut white’
by regulation every year
But now the rules have been relaxed
and colour has appeared
It won’t take long, I’m sure of that
and in the August sun
We’ll spend some time with cans of paint
until the job is done
Yellow’s nice and so is green
but with ocean in plain sight
a blue reflecting sea and sky
is justified and right
It remains a lovely place to come
and with some work and TLC
We’ll keep our beach hut spick and span
in our haven by the sea

Photo – from inside Hut 101 looking seaward, Lancing Beach, West Sussex – Jempics


6 Comments to “Haven by the sea”

  1. A fine Jem is this poet diamond
    Who leaves her poems uncut
    Good job Jem
    I can envision your hut

    dewey decimo

  2. …and one day you’re going to be inundated with poets needing a, lovely, seaside vacation ! Nice write !!

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