Mountain of Regret

by Tiffany Layne

Someday you’ll reach the top of the mountain of regret
You’ll look around and realize the destruction that you left
Like a hurricane that swirled around raining down the massive floods
You wiped us out, left us nothing, dragging us through the mud.

Someday you’ll realize the purpose of loyalty
You’ll seek the face that always looked upon you joyfully
Like a child lost you will be found and you’ll dream of coming home
But that mountain of regret, you’ll be stuck there all alone.

You’ll cry to be forgiven and as the tears run down your face
I’ll cry because I’ve been wishing you could understand His grace
I know there’s hope, I feel it when I say a prayer for you,
But you don’t know the hope, you’re so lost you don’t even know the truth.

Someday you’ll climb that mountain, someday you’ll reach the top
Someday all these sleepless nights will finally just stop
But until you start to climb, until you start to see the truth,
I’ll be the mother up all night sending every prayer to you.


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