Awaken Me

by Seafarrwide


She walked outside the air sacristy quiet

The sky as black as a devils soul

Bulging heavy and foreboding

Sooty clouds churned and rolled

Buckling with aqueous weight

She hugged herself tight

Jutting her chin in brave defiance

As a cacophonous boom reverberated the night

Rupturing the tomb like silence

The atmosphere dense insistent

Heavens vault dragged open its rusty gate

Thundering angry clouds billowed and escaped

Lightening struck with silver tentacles bleeding into the land

One droplet splashed her face dripping a dirtless trail

Then a sheet of pinging needles collided into a heavy gale

As the feral sky spewed its spite against her and the adamant earth

Pools of water joined together rising over her feet

Surging through her toes the mud swirled and sucked

She stood still her feet rooted waiting her fate

The deafening downpour refused to abate

Lashing down in powerful urgency

Demanding acknowledgment no mercy

But on she stood her clothes drenched her fists clenched

A strangled cry escaped her she begged to feel

But all she saw were her sodden clothes she reeled

Turning back she went inside her empty house

To sit in the dark cavern of her loneliness and wait

Poem by Wendy Norman (Seafarrwide)

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