Too Soon Yore – Triquint poetry challenge

by Ellespeth

I’ve taken up this triquint poem challenge.  I don’t usually do poetry forms so I decided to really torture myself and attempt a triquint.

scattered understanding of a triquint poem
lines 3 and 4 repeat in each verse
line 5 rhymes in each verse
aaAAb (hmmm? not sure with the capital A’s mean)

I rebelled,  in the second verse, and broke the first line into two lines 😛

Too Soon Yore

She went walking on the storm-swept shore
all that mattered any more
was that egrets soar
ever more.

In the trees they sleep
upon the shore
sweet the singing hope of yore
was that egrets soar
ever more.

Yesterday I saw her at the shore
looking lost – unlike before
when she thought that more
was that egrets soar
ever more.


Photo of a snowy egret, Egretta thula, showing plume and red upper bill area (in breeding season). Taken by Len Blumin-


4 Comments to “Too Soon Yore – Triquint poetry challenge”

  1. This form seems to be quite difficult but your poem is beautiful.

  2. I’ll echo Irina’s comment there – this really was a tricky challenge – but you’ve pretty well nailed it here.

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