Every word.

by Harry

Posted for Missy.

Every word you speak
is like a dealt blow
that throws me into the emptiness of confusion.

You speak of your hatred
for me,
the more I try to love and honour you
for God’s sake.

Good times don’t last for long
not even a second
till depression invades.

if you tell me,
that I am insane,
I won’t disagree;
and I tell myself,
that I am mentally deranged or derailed,
I won’t fight myself.
Well, why shouldn’t I be?
Am I not?

Why do I still live,
breath, why?
Why not death?
Why not heaven?

My pillow’s wet
with so much tear drops.

Do you hear me,
or see me, feel me?

I know you do.

– Missy –

5 Comments to “Every word.”

  1. A heartfelt and moving piece, beautifully written!

  2. VERY soul wrestling ~thank you ! Would you tell me how to click my poetry into a SAVE mode, please Harry because your past instruction hasn’t helped.

    • When you go to post a poem in dashboard, you always click the category poetry which is ok, but in the same place near the top you will find your name you have to click that as well.

      Try it the next time you post and you will find it or go now to dashboard and let on to post and you will see it.

  3. this stirred me…thank you for your heart felt offering

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