Construction Paper Mess

by Joelly Cameron

Would you see the world through my eyes, my heart?

Let my blindness, guide you to no more of a perfect place,

Than that of this.

Will you taste the world with my tongue, my lips?

The burn of me lingering upon you like the habanero.

Your fingers, the remedy for my biome, my mind.

My skin your canvas.

Would you draw for me a map, so that I may find your place?

Because the music holds no meaning,

And the words just don’t make sense.

Can you spell for me the meaning of direction, of fulfillment?

In a broken crayon, construction paper colored mess.

Write for me a song, unexceptional and standard.

So, that I may pull you closer,

Robe you up like a cocoon, within my most precious branches.

As you swell with weakness.

Hungrily sampling the honey,

For which I provide

Hidden within my spirit,




A love separated.



4 Comments to “Construction Paper Mess”

  1. Such experiences seem to have no present beauty or purpose ~ your description is powerful poet friend !

  2. Lovely Jolly nice to see you.

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