Let the Sleeping Monster Rest in Peace

by pranabaxom

First published in my blog, http://www.fleetingmuse.wordpress.com, on August 2 , 2018.

Buried deep inside
In a corner dark
Lurks the monster
Trying to rip my soul apart.
An impotent rage
Slowly swells up
Burns my heart.
Suppressed frustrations torments
All the injustices in the world
And I sit brooding
Incapable, fail to make it right.
Flights of fantasy
Swooping avenging angels
Celestial thunder raining doom
Obliterating perpetrators.
Those spewing morality
Preaching justice and equality
Silently, malevolently
Destroying society.
Hidden monster
Urging, shouting
To take matters in my hand
Rip apart unjust society.
Bring equality
Avenge, destroy, create
New order
An equal society.
End justifies the means
Morality be damned
Fake preachers of peace
Need to be destroyed.
Morality be damned
Is it right?
Won’t it equate me
To those I despise?

Am I chickening out
Is cowardice overtaking me
The monster demands blood
Inaction is blasphemy.
Nothing good comes out of evil, I reason
I may be a coward, may be feeble
But I am not alone
I can lend a hand.
Be the voice of those
Unable to protest
Alone I may be weak
But together we will be strong.
One day surely
We will right the wrong
In my own small way
I will persist along.
Will never give up voice of reason
Will keep my inner monster at bay
May not be able to slay the beast
Will force the monster to rest in peace.


5 Comments to “Let the Sleeping Monster Rest in Peace”

  1. Strong poetic words. I love it.

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