Catching Happy

by Jem Croucher


The effort of wearing a frown, I am told
Is harder than wearing a smile
And what a change one can bring to the world all at once
With a happy face once in a while

There’s a saying that goes, if I remember it right
“Catch someone doing some good”
So easy to chide, to point out the faults
Than to be nice every day, as we should

So keep watching out there as this week continues
A smile could be coming your way
Happy might catch you when you least expect
But it’s sure to help brighten your day

Photo – Henry, the happy pig – by Jempics

4 Comments to “Catching Happy”

  1. Thanks for the cheery poem to start the week!

  2. Love pigs; that smile probably saves Henry’s lard.

  3. LOVE, Catching Happy. It made me smile.

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