by Lakshmi

my ships leave port gently at midnight
skating the surface of the amorphous sea
the unchanging sky lit by a sliver of moon
is no guide to circumnavigate this enigma
i do not know that which i desire to seek
blowing the sunsoaked dreams of castles in sand
into a bottle of hard glass to abandon in repose
starless is the world and directionless my gaze

my ships wander as insouciant thoughts
no compass to weave my voyage there
all awash with the scent of salt and freedom
time creeps languidly like a dying lullaby
the rich notes trailing to a resonant peace
i want to see the famed lights of the north
yet for now the wind is some elysian guide
so let the wind decide what i shall know

let the wind decide – where i shall go.


One Comment to “Ships”

  1. Somehow I managed to almost skip this write; beautifully done…! Glad I spotted it…!!

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