The Sphinx

by soad88


Sphinxes (Photo credit: schmaeche)

Sitting all alone

on a forgotten throne

of desert debris and spoiled human meat

No greedy follower to worship

nor sacrifices to hold

You ate more than your fill

and enslaved the needy

You’re dead now

but   left behind is

a feminine mind

designed in golden feathers and mane

sporting only the heart of a wench

who lives only to gain

to watch over your gold

that you will never use and never hold

The sun eats away its desolate skin

The darkness hides its ancient scowl

No more riddles to be heard

No more answers to be skeered.

Left to remind generations to come

what  once was strong powerful

will fall to the ground

and die in vain

for  evil has not won

and all will be undone.


One Comment to “The Sphinx”

  1. yesss! Excellent capsulization!

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