Book Grief

by lonewolfpoetry


I feel the paper wedge

in my right hand thinning.

The wedge in the left

gradually building,

creeping up silently.

My mind refuses to entertain

the possibility of this ending,

of losing new friends,

new towns,

new worlds.

I ration the final chapters

to keep them alive but

the end is inevitable.

And I shall grieve a little death

with a small sigh

as I look upon the final dot

and close the back page

for the final time.


3 Comments to “Book Grief”

  1. Ahhhh….but I have felt the very same way with a deliciously good book…. I believe it is these endings that continue to speak to our hearts the volumes that the story divulged to us….and we strive to pick up the pieces where our longing was left……
    oh for the love of a good book….
    What kinds of books do you read, if you dont mind me asking?

    • Hey Celeste,
      I could (and I do) talk about books for hours!
      My favourite authors stretch from the classics- George Eliot, Thomas Hardy, Gustave Fluabert to very modern fiction- Lorrie Moore; Zadie Smith; Ian McEwan; Margaret Atwood; Jeffrey Eugenides; Richard Ford; Alice Munro; Robertson Davies
      And all sorts in between- F. Scott Fitzgerald; Aldous Huxley; Evelyn Waugh; Oscar Wilde; George Orwell; Toni Morrison; Carson McCullers; Gabriel Garcia Marquez; Isabel Allende.
      Sorry I can’t whittle it down any more than that, I just have too many favourites!
      What kind of books do you read?

  2. I too have felt that. Some old friends I return to, like Tolkien! Nicely done

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