A #Strokeahontas Limerick

by Joel Kravitz

native american truth

The Dumpster Fire Facebook page put up a post that #Strokeahontas is trending on Twitter. I saw it as a limerick waiting to happen and that FB page gave me a thumbs up to go for it. I tried to do it in a way that would be respectful to Native Americans.

“Never has America lost a war … But name, if you can, the last peace the United States won. Victory yes, but this country has never made a successful peace because peace requires exchanging ideas, concepts, thoughts, and recognizing the fact that two distinct systems of life can exist together without conflict. Consider how quickly America seems to be facing its allies of one war as new enemies.”

― Vine Deloria Jr., Custer Died for Your Sins: An Indian Manifesto

The election will soon be upon us
And WE WILL REMOVE #Strokeahontas
Trump’s carnage will cease.
We’ll finally win a Peace
And fulfill our great country’s promise.


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