A “The President Didn’t Hire Well” Limerick

by Joel Kravitz

unreality tv

The information presented in the body of this post which led to the limerick was found on Wikipedia and is documented by the website.

After recovering from a series of financial setbacks in the early 1990s (hotels and casino businesses of his have declared bankruptcy six times between 1991 and 2009 due to its inability to meet required payments and to re-negotiate debt with banks, owners of stock and bonds and various small businesses unsecured creditors), the New York real-estate developer changed his business strategy from borrowing to build and purchase assets, to licensing his name to others.

Producer Mark Burnett approached him about a new television show. Although he was skeptical, stating that reality television “was for the bottom-feeders of society”, Burnett proposed that he appear as himself, a successful businessman with a luxurious lifestyle.

The popularity of the show led to him becoming known for his fateful catch phrase, “You’re fired!” and for the emergence of a bland managerial concept (named after him with “onomics” tacked on after his name) meant to convey the notion that “impressing the boss” was the only way to “climb the corporate ladder.”

During his tenure, the series frequently featured and promoted his properties, products and brand. His wife was also featured on the series several times including in several tasks that have featured her fashion and cosmetic products. His daughter’s fashion products were also featured. The Apprentice was so successful that, according to him, he earned $214 million from 14 seasons of the show, plus more from related product licensing as his name as a brand became more valuable. This has not been verified by his making his tax returns public.

During the time that the show aired when Barack Obama was the POTUS, he self-promoted himself by tweeting nearly 1500 negative tweets against Obama and with his unfounded “birtherism” claims which began in 2011 and he finally disavowed in September 2016.

How is it possible that a reality television “star” whose entire television career was from a show where he “hired” people to do his bidding and promote him and licensed products that he and his family would profit from and had decent enough ratings to keep him on television and make him $214 million could possibly receive Mick Mulvany’s criticism.

“If there was one criticism that I would level against the president, [it] is that he didn’t hire very well. He did not have experience at running government and didn’t know how to put together a team that could work well with him,” Mulvaney, now the U.S. special envoy to Northern Ireland, told CNN’s “New Day.”

And all of this led to this:

He’s branded that he knows how to fire,
But his one (?) weakness – he doesn’t know how to hire?
It’s his hiring process –
“Will you kiss ass and say ‘Yes’
And be loyal to a sociopath liar?”

Obviously, Mick will.


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