Poem for Summer Solstice

by Alanna

I sought the perfect poem

for this longest day

It was a Goldilocks affair-

this poem too flowery

this poem- what does this one have to do

with Summer Solstice?

None were right

I cannot wear the words of these authors


So I must write my own poem

of what the Summer Solstice means to me

that for millennia all across the earth

people, myself among them

celebrate the day when the sun is king

where light exposes the shadows of

dark places, inspires my garden to grow

the flowers to explode with color

to bear fruit, wither to seed

to regenerate the next year

This, the longest day is born by truth

not of political or religious making

Our ancestors and our ancestor’s ancestors

reveled that the sun is our constant

It will rise and set each day no matter what

and we will spin our lives around it as we orbit

day after day

year after year

century after century

holding each other

in its embrace

Photo courtesy Pexels

Illustration by the author

For the backstory on this poem visit byalannapass.com

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