A Happy You!

by Tanya

It’s time I went to school..
It’s time I went to high school..
It’s time I did my masters..
It’s time I moved on to jobbing..

When did I live?
When did I enjoy my early life?
Was I just planning to enjoy till this time?
Had I been just working for a better life?

Everybody follows the prescribed routine..
So, they guide us to the same stages of life..
They went on to lead the experienced path..
They never gave us the freedom to explore..

When did I live my life?
When did I go my way?
When did I venture into new pathways?
Had I been actually free all these years?

There is she, who went on her way..
She had the freedom to explore in her sway..
She lived her life at her will..
She did all, she had wished..

Why did the world question her way?
Why did they raise their brows at her freedom?
Why were they not content with her success?
Had she been so wrong in exploring her own way?

A job, a degree are means to a happy you..
But, have you ever wondered when you will be the Happy you?
What you dream, may not earn..
But that dream will give rise to a content one..

Never deter from taking a risk..
Live for yourself, for your dreams..
Find your own ways and means..
And finally, you will discover a happy you amidst!!


4 Comments to “A Happy You!”

  1. A happy You thatsa nice poem

  2. This is so relatable.. Seems like my own story..

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