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February 13, 2017

I Was A Horse

by HemmingPlay

cropped-the-leap-into-the-unknown.jpgI woke up this morning from a dreamy grey half-sleep
with the February rain dripping off the eaves.
A memory floated by that in a previous life
I was a horse. No question.
A big, brown horse with
soft, knowing eyes. I had been abandoned

January 22, 2017

An Autumn Dream

by ShoummoF


Call it grace, call it fiction,

Far along a dream, I found myself,

Beneath the eaves of dereliction.

Standing at the crooked fringe,

Within rusted woods, I saw myself,

Basking in the autumn singe.

November 24, 2016

A dreary, fairy dream

by newrana

              I had an uncle,

a dirty, naughty uncle.

             He was so dirty

                  that his teeth hated toothpicks;

       he was so naughty

              that his favorite topic was politics.

February 11, 2016

Dreams Dance on Clouds

by 50djohnson
Blood moon and solar eclipse day on 1640 077

photo by Debbie

When God makes a promise to your trusting heart

Believe dreams were placed there at the very start.

It matters not how distant reality seems to be

Dreams dance on clouds of time waiting to be free.

January 4, 2016

Silent lucidity

by justinvanweerden

I was walking through the city
On a bright summer day
When I saw him standing there
I just wanted to say
Hey how are you
But hè dissapeared like snow
And I imediately felt
The tears on my pillow

September 27, 2015

‘If Life Were a Dream…’

by danielschwamm


If life were a dream…
Would yours be a fairy tale?
Or something else?

September 27, 2015


by dokurtybitz

Roll and toss,
Looking for
The body I want pressed
To mine,

September 15, 2015

Remind Me to Dream

by anxiouspen

Gentle morning,
sweet softness of day,
make me a promise.

May 12, 2015

Poem of the Day — Clapped in Tents

by paturnerlee

Clapped in Tents
A hill rising, lake filled valley

Soaring split shovels full of glory in a stark white light magnificence

Chuckle is bunked up sleeping bags

Halfway up a mountain

A gorgeous green grand Grampian edifice

Smart against to pale blue back drop

Reflected in the water, a beacon of dust

I’m sucked into dreaming; managing opulence, greedy with built up delusions

May 6, 2015

The Supper I Dream

by Venkat


I am a deer
In spotted young fur
But I do not run
I stitch a sweater
For my supper with the lion
On that cold snowy night
When he retires, with a tearful eye

April 12, 2015

~ Poppy Dreams

by ladyliterati

Poppy dreams dancing
She sways beneath the sun
Gentle breeze caressing
With nature, she is one

Lilting stream soothing
A cadence of bird song
Poppy dreams dancing
Invite for her alone

March 22, 2015

Queen Isabel

by Rellick

Featured image

Respected among her peers

Exhuming with grace

Marvel at her Elegance

With words of solace

A Queen in her own realm

Conquering none

March 5, 2015

Candy Apple Delights ~ haiku

by Colly

candy apple

clip-art photo

The candy apple of life is not the filling but the outside coating.

January 31, 2015

Angel wing wishes

by Jem Croucher


Challenged to a ‘bucket list’
Thought, “that’s a good idea”
So here’s a little list of mine
Repeated for you here

January 9, 2015

Trials of Life

by Colly

We are not defined by the status of our income.
But the character portrayed by confidence in us.

November 13, 2014

The Dream Capsule.

by roopesh

I close my eyes,
To wake up
In the world of my own
Where I find myself
Bidding goodbye
To a person I have known.

Walking down the lane
The memory lane
I find a dream
Inside a dream
Which I dare to go
To know the place I have to go.

November 2, 2014

What a laugh: A Triquint Poem

by Jem Croucher

Poetry challenge: Triquant poem.


Seasons blending into one it seems
Winter now yet still sunbeams
Unreal, just like dreams
What’s it mean?

October 29, 2014


by Venkat


rings of fire
titillate from far
meant to fuse into air
in excitement we approach
glued into loops of glowing wonder
so lost for breath in fumes
we lose into the burns
to enter another
dark fantasy

October 16, 2014


by Lenanoid

You make me breathless
With your caress
You left me powerless
No more, no less

October 15, 2014

Into Another Night

by Venkat


on my eyes you tip toe
shimmering in splendour
as a moon lit on fire
too big to hold near
too far to embrace

October 9, 2014

Air Bubble

by Lenanoid

In the skies is where I long to be
To be an air flowing freely
Passing by as the earth go round
Conquering mountains as I surround

October 6, 2014


by Aakansha

My dreams are weird films,
Of images wide and clear,
With messages hard to decipher,
Like it happened last night.


It shows me not planets but people,
Moments of life I’d like to be extraordinary,
Things I’d wish they would happen,
And it does this with such skilled fingers,
That I wake up sour and bitter.

August 12, 2014

A Crow’s Song

by Venkat


as a crow I caw
looking for you
lost in the chorus
of our brethren

July 19, 2014

Lanturne: Roots

by Venkat

Poetry challenge: Lanturne poem.


by hard work
beyond a dream

May 12, 2014

Back To One,

by CW

It made me ponder, 
as much as i wonder.
Those memories still tingles,
where feelings also lingers.
As how beautiful it seemed.
Was everything just a dream?

April 23, 2014

A Dreamer’s Dream

by Lenanoid

In the silence of the night
Her dreams screams so loud
To sing infront of a crowd
And touch their cold hearts

March 14, 2014


by Venkat


Life with no direction
By all dreams, undone
Clogged in every notion
Nowhere to move or run

November 25, 2013

Haiku: Adieu

by Devina

Flocculent plumage –
raining flurry, soft