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August 15, 2021

Choosing courage today…

by Sandeep
Picture courtesy: Internet. If you own this picture and have a reservation against me posting it, I could take this down or if you approve, could give you the due credit by adding your name or link to it.

If you see this picture, you could choose to see your fear or choose to see your courage or may be whatever you connect to when you see it.

I am choosing courage today. I am willing to silence/ignore the noise of fear today, of anyone or of anything.

I am choosing to listen to the faint voice of courage to do what I must do and amplify it within and so much that it reaches you too.

I am taking that jump to reach where I must reach.  And you, go for it, what ever that may be!

April 27, 2017

Follow Your Dream!

by Tanya

How long it has been,
For sure, time has been a little mean!
Working hours, days and nights,
Yet, not ‘that’ destination in sight!

Longing for that goal,
Will not help you achieve
Only love for it
Will only deceive!

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April 9, 2017

A Happy You!

by Tanya

It’s time I went to school..
It’s time I went to high school..
It’s time I did my masters..
It’s time I moved on to jobbing..

When did I live?
When did I enjoy my early life?
Was I just planning to enjoy till this time?
Had I been just working for a better life?

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December 13, 2016

There Isn’t Time

by markfahmy


I hope you realise before it’s already too late.. that there isn’t time.

There isn’t time for you to feel worthless,
There isn’t time for you to feel sorry for yourself,

There isn’t time to sink into the waters of the past,
There isn’t time to recount the failures of yesterday,
There isn’t time to dwell on relationships that didn’t last,
There isn’t time to repress the words you always wanted to say..

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January 1, 2015

~ Blank Page ~

by A. L. O'Prunty


Today we’re given a blank page
Towards the completion
In our book of life, 2015

Let us ponder the possibilities…

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December 17, 2014

~ Might ~

by A. L. O'Prunty


This place is closing in
As the mind
I shall stretch
Imaginations bloom

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June 11, 2014

When It Motivates

by Venkat

To some
An end can motivate
Towards a distant light, intimate
To be with the stars
A desired fate

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March 19, 2014

A “Wifely Motivation” Limerick

by Joel Kravitz

I have been trying to be a good husband and do all the things that my wife asks me to do. However, I must admit, I sometimes fall short. To quote Bill Murray as Carl Spackler, assistant greens keeper, in Caddyshack, sometimes “I (am) unavoidably detained.” By sports on television, playing with dog, potchka-ing around in the kitchen, writing limericks….

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July 10, 2013

Some Motivation (Get Up)

by crissybwell

So you need some inspiration,
Where are you looking to find it,
Have you looked around that hard,
Or are you too lazy to go and seek?

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