A “Flip Flopping Presidential Mindset” Limerick

by Joel Kravitz

A recurring theme both pre and post election has been Trump’s flip flopping on issues. I’m sure there are many people hoping that there will be a lot of that going on as he took some extreme stances to build enough of a constituency who voted for him. This constituency was built with a platform of lies and fear, the only rhetoric that could motivate a large disgruntled portion of the American people to vote for him. It wasn’t enough to elect him. He needed the large number of people who voted against Hillary Clinton. Those are the people praying for more flip flopping and his constituency is expecting him to make good on everything. The fact is that he is a flip flopper.

I was reading this article which may or not be fake news, as if I could tell the difference.


And it led to this……..

He used lies, fear and treachery,
And they incited Trump’s victory.
Now we all want to know
Which way he’ll really go….
And what his out-of-his-mindset will be.


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