I do not move

by Harry

Submitted by Paul

Frosty fingers reach out to me
I embrace the cold
Something that I can feel
Alas unable to hold
Icy particles prick my body
Trying to enter in
Cold winds swirling around
Goose bumps upon my skin

The moon darts behind a cloud
Not daring to show its face
An owl is hooting far away
Taking to the sky with artful grace
I do not move, this is my choice
There is nowhere left to go
Remain here for evermore
No one will ever know.


2 Comments to “I do not move”

  1. Not daring to show it’s (its) face
    Remain here foe (for) evermore
    A marvelous poem.

  2. thank you for the comment. I must improve my grammer, It was for that I wanted to put and not foe.

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