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February 20, 2017

A “Bad Cop, Worst Cop” Limerick

by Joel Kravitz

“Shame, Fame, Shmame – what’s the difference?

I was watching news commentary about V.P. Pence’s trip to Europe and his message to NATO. The Vice President had a different message for NATO than what they had been hearing from President Trump when he was campaigning. The question came up as to whom we should believe when Trump says one thing and someone speaking on his behalf says another thing. The commentator suggested that this may be the Trump administration using the old business strategy of “good cop, bad cop” and he remarked that Trump may be a bad actor and type cast the bad cop, but he is good at it…..He’s as good as Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada…..And it led to this………

February 18, 2017

A “Standup Comedy Blocking Dummy?” Limerick

by Joel Kravitz

The above link is to a Twitter post by former Secretary of Labor, Robert Reich. The post is a conversation between him and a former GOP congressman –

“I spoke w/ my friend, a former GOP congressman, who’s as worried as I am about Trump’s mental state & potential ties to Russian operatives.”

What then follows is a script of the dialogue. The former GOP congressman asserts that the Republicans are waiting for him to implode, but before he does, they are using his reality television behavior and White House circus as a smoke screen so they can ram through as much of their agenda as they can without that becoming a focal point of the media who is now hanging on Trump’s every word and act. After I read the script….it led to this….

February 17, 2017

A “Festivus Press Conference” Limerick

by Joel Kravitz

After watching todays Press conference that was as much improv as it was impromptu, I watched the post-Press conference analysis on CNN, Trump’s arch enemy. I heard Jake Trapper, a CNN political analyst include this in his statement -“But then instead of focusing on his accomplishments and offering an optimistic, positive view of what he’s doing for this country, it was an airing of grievances. It was Festivus.” A presidential press conference was compared to an episode of a sitcom. There is nothing comical about this situation….but it did lead to this…..

February 16, 2017

A “Let’s Get Along?” Limerick

by Joel Kravitz

I am mesmerized by what I am watching on television every day. I’ve never seen anything like this before and it is hard for me to take my eyes off of it. It unfolds like fiction or a movie, but it is all too real. I just heard 45 say that none of his predecessors engaged the Russians in a positive friendly manner and “look how that’s worked out.” The last time I checked America is still The Land Of The Free. I don’t think 45 has really assessed the risk.

February 15, 2017

A First Of What I Expect To Be Many “Russia-gate” Limericks

by Joel Kravitz

You have to give the guy credit. With all the fake news, rigged elections, tweeting and executive orders, Trump still found time to get himself smack dab in the middle of a real scandal – a potentially much worse than Watergate scandal. Now that takes some skill. But of course, we are finding out that he had been working on it for a long time. His first appointee gone over “a matter of trust.” That’s rich….and it led to this

February 14, 2017

A “Leaky Flynn Spin” Limerick

by Joel Kravitz

Rather than focusing on everything that is wrong about Michael Flynn having his “private meeting” with the Russians and being less than forthright about it, President Trump is worried about where the leaks about this diplomatic fiasco and other damaging information about problems within the White House are coming from. It is a classic case of a bad guy getting caught and rather than being contrite about the shady dealings, he’s pissed about someone turning him in and being caught.

February 13, 2017

An “If ‘Con’ Is The Opposite Of ‘Pro'” Limerick

by Joel Kravitz


I saw this post from a high school friend on Facebook this morning –

If “con” is the opposite of “pro,” then what is the opposite of “progress”? Good morning, Monday.

I sent her a quick reply – There is a limerick waiting to be written.

Thanks Debra. It led to this….

February 9, 2017

A “Legal Distress, He Won’t Know How to Dress” Limerick

by Joel Kravitz

Jeff Sessions was confirmed as the new Attorney General. His record as a racist, bigot and homophobe made no difference to the confirming bodies. It is a clear statement to the American People that there will not be Justice For All. And it led to this…..

February 8, 2017

A “DeVos American Dream” Limerick

by Joel Kravitz

A billionaire lobbyist with no background in public service or education wants to be the Secretary of Education. You have to ask why, because billionaires don’t become billionaires without asking the essential capitalist question, “What’s in it for me?” That question has no altruism attached to it and public service and especially education are supposed to be about altruism. Teachers are the most altruistic people in this country and they certainly are not in it for the money.

February 7, 2017

A “Trump and Truth” Limerick

by Joel Kravitz

In defining truth, it is first helpful to note what truth is not:

February 4, 2017

A “Trump Has Whose Back?”Limerick

by Joel Kravitz

President Trump has set in motion the dismantling of the Federal regulations that were put in place after the 2008 financial crisis which wiped out so many of his supporters, leading to their disillusionment and willingness to turn to anyone who would promise them that he would improve their lots without ever telling them how he was going to do it. Though it may appear that it is “the blind leading the blind,” be sure that Trump has a clear vision of what he is going to do….and not for his blind followers who will be worse off when Trump’s plan goes into effect. And that led to this….

January 31, 2017

A Trump Transparency Limerick

by Joel Kravitz

One thing can be said about President Trump – he is completely transparent. He certainly was during the campaign. Sadly, the more outrageous and egregious the revelations, and the more that the fringe and the disillusioned disregarded the misogyny, bigotry and lies, the bolder Trump became. Then the unthinkable happened – those who thought he couldn’t be elected because he is so defective made a bad decision by not voting and the fringe, the disillusioned and the women who rejected Hillary Clinton elected him President. His delusional megalomania increased exponentially. But when faced with a moment of truth – his inauguration and the women’s march – he showed his true colors (which is as close to “truth” that he’s going to come) and turned the vindictive bully loose with his executive orders. Which led to this…..

January 29, 2017

A “Will There Be A New Pledge of Allegiance?” Limerick

by Joel Kravitz

President Trump may be trying to make good on his campaign promises with his executive orders. This may be as close to him keeping his word that we are going to see; he has gone above and beyond to make sure that the world knows that his word means nothing with his pathological lying. I am sure that many people who voted for him never expected him to go through with all of the things that he told the disenchanted to seduce them. Now many of that constituency will suffer because he is following through with his promises/threats. The problem is that he doesn’t know what he is doing but he trusts Steve Bannon to tell him what to do…And that led to this

January 24, 2017

A “Demoralized Well Intended First Briefing” Limerick

by Joel Kravitz

The drama is compelling. It should be. It could be all about the future of life on this planet as we know it since the end of World War II. How could anyone think that President Trump will not come under scrutiny like no one before him. There has been no one like him before him. I don’t remember any other President ever sending out his mouthpiece to tell the White House Press Corps that the Administration “intends” to tell the truth. So, if you are going to be the front man for him, you better wear a hazmat suit and be able to get out of the way of flying rotten vegetables. I watched Sean Spicer today. I don’t think he got the memo…and that led to this

January 23, 2017

A Pictures Worth A 1000 Words Limerick

by Joel Kravitz


January 19, 2017

A Few “Post-Inauguration” Limericks

by Joel Kravitz

It started yesterday and the world is watching. What we have is a President Elect whose past is, sadly, not a great unknown leading the United States on a path that at this time is a great unknown. No one can dispute that for Baby Boomers, we are going to have a Leader of the Free World like none we have had in our lifetimes.

January 17, 2017

A “Fake Favorability Rating”Limerick

by Joel Kravitz

Trump Fires Back After Polls Show His Favorability Ratings In The Basement

It has been reported by an ABC News-Washington Post poll and corroborated by a CNN poll that Trump enters the White House with the lowest favorability rating of any incoming President in 40 years. I can think of no other President that engaged in hostilities with his critics in the manner Trump does. You are either for him or you are fake. And he wonders why his fitness to be President is called into question. Which led to this…..

January 12, 2017

A “Golden (Shower) Opportunity For A Pundit”Limerick

by Joel Kravitz

I have been delirious with joy about my Clemson Tigers winning the National Championship. I thought I might be able to savor it a little longer BUT President Elect Trump has thrust me back into the pundit fray once again. Fortunately for joke writers and unfortunately for The United States, Donald Trump is a laugh a minute when he isn’t scaring the shit out of the country and the world.

January 5, 2017

A “Flip Flopping Presidential Mindset” Limerick

by Joel Kravitz

A recurring theme both pre and post election has been Trump’s flip flopping on issues. I’m sure there are many people hoping that there will be a lot of that going on as he took some extreme stances to build enough of a constituency who voted for him. This constituency was built with a platform of lies and fear, the only rhetoric that could motivate a large disgruntled portion of the American people to vote for him. It wasn’t enough to elect him. He needed the large number of people who voted against Hillary Clinton. Those are the people praying for more flip flopping and his constituency is expecting him to make good on everything. The fact is that he is a flip flopper.

I was reading this article which may or not be fake news, as if I could tell the difference.

And it led to this……..

January 2, 2017

A “New Year, New Prez” Limerick

by Joel Kravitz

Poetry challenge: new year poem.


I don’t think this one needs a lead in.

November 29, 2016

An “It’s Rigged If I Lose and I Won’t Accept The Results And Now That I Won, It Was Still Rigged and I Won’t Accept The Results” Limerick

by Joel Kravitz

It’s no holds barred when Trump competes.
He tells lies which he repeats.
Who could have expected
He’d get elected….
And be the first President who Tweets!

November 9, 2016

A Post Election Limerick

by Joel Kravitz

And so the people have spoken.
“Fix it. We think it’s broken.”
Now what will Trump do?
Let’s hope he has a clue….
And his promises made weren’t just token.

March 3, 2016


by Richard Rensberry, author at QuickTurtle Books®


In Michigan
the politicians of spring
will soon sprout

and shout
colorful words
of hope
from their pulpits.

February 17, 2016

The Henhouse

by Richard Rensberry, author at QuickTurtle Books®

The Henhouse

The bickering has begun
among the disturbed
chickens in the henhouse.

A rooster flew in
from New York
and crowed unexpectedly.

December 31, 2015

A Six Line (Yes, it took six lines for this one!) State of The Union Limerick

by Joel Kravitz

I try to keep my limericks light and use them for jokes about relationships, sex, marriage, and getting old which are things that I know just enough about to be able to write my dumb jokes. But every so often, current events or some other serious thing causes me to think and reflect and make an observation and/or comment. I did that when the government was on the brink of shutting down because the partisan politics in Congress chose to butt heads rather than seek solutions.

August 14, 2015

~ Someone Needs to Speak, Truth

by ladyliterati

~ Someone Needs to Speak, Truth
Never in American history has a Commander-in-Chief endured such opposition to nearly every task at hand. From Homeland Security to Foreign Affairs, from his influence and suggestion of dealing with Terrorist Cells to Immigration Laws, and Obama Care.
Never in American history has a Commander -in-Chief been subjected to blatant, deplorable acts of disrespect. Yet he endures; not throughout one administration, but two! His fortitude is to be commended.

March 16, 2015

The Politician, The Voter and the Child

by Scott Andrew Bailey


By Scott Bailey © 2015

You work hard

I struggle by

In the dark

You’re a hard-working family

To pay my bills

A silent dark

You deserve more

To keep my job

Shattered by

Respect and remuneration

My family safe

A scream so stark

January 16, 2015

~ America ~

by ladyliterati

~ America ~

I am the voice of your people;
Your modern day peasantry
Jobless, homeless, hungry
I am the farmer with fallow fields
My product imported
The coal miner, a diamond in the rough
With empty hands
The seamstress lost as a needle
In the proverbial haystack
With hands longing to stitch
In red, white and blue
The waitress, waiter serving privileged people