Poem of the day – Tidal Crayons

by paturnerlee

Tidal Crayons


Caked in thudding trumpets; beating clave like tins

Stuck in velvet tight temptation,


Shine clean and sparkle, while solemn waves ripple


Inclining paper torn into shreds of smothered and vacuous vision

And a fog lifts, with chilled to the cardigan covered extremes

Undo the buttons, wear the whistling feast, a flight of fresh fancy.


With paper towels jammed in between damaged lamp posts we scream

Strutting as we cobble our way down the street

As slow as a muscle release from a dying camel


Sing to the pie maker, grasping new gravy powder packets and thrusting them out

About the missed meeting place, covered in wicker chairs

A place for me, old men and their friends

If they have managed to keep any

As the years go by that desire to not change crushes heads

Breaks a passion for pissing blood for evidence


Treat yourself to a breast of chicken baguette at the station

Not the fast train but the busted carriage with the rattling chains

Tied to the track; ready to pull down the by stander

Who watches for girls who might be free

As sad as a burger beaten bun bouncing on the ceiling

After maggots have had their fill


Crusts of pies; chapped lips tender from dehydration

Bellowing, scalpel ready hit man makes mincemeat

Given to taking blood

Not giving it

Shoots cos he has got to have fun

Penetrate the lathe and plaster wall

And hang


July 9th 2016

Patrick Turner-Lee Copyright 2016

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