Random Moments of a Heartbreaker

by krishnowornever

At that very moment,
I was at a loss for words.
I was baffled and confused.
My vision was blurred.

At that very moment,
I didn’t wanna hear
Your longings and sorrows
and things that you fear.

At that very moment,
You gave me your heart
You said you have always known,
Right from the start.

At that very moment,
You went down on your knees
and that’s when I knew
I needed to flee.

Right at this moment.
You are asking me why.
How can I leave you
without saying goodbye?

But until this moment,
Im still struggling for words
Choking in my own breaths
Tried to speak, it’s all slurred.

Now we run out of moments,
But who is to blame?
Is it you who was giving?
Or me for playing the game?


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