Life is Lovely

by Venkat


a pearl or two

son, see the colors of life
in various shades of grey
till you know it thorough
in plain black and white

keep this thought planted
deep in a shelf of your mind
water it daily, to see the day
when it be an unshakable tree

as you sail on this river
hold the oars tight
as they be long pieces
of feeling and thought

every idea, every wave
every turn you experience
follows the path of Sun
a warm sunrise, a cold sunset

failure and success
perfection and faults
strength and weakness
made by proportions, equal

as the Sun rises and sets
in equal probability
so you were made
by inescapable laws

challenge not yourself
nor so others
for failures and faults
daylight, never constant

may this lesson make you humble
to suffer the struggle made for you
till you see things imperfect
with equal joy as our sunset

each day



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