Life’s Inverse Laws

by Venkat

The closer we get in mind
More space I see between
The more I attempt to find
Less clarity on what was seen

The larger I make my heart
More troubles seem to come
The more I try to be a part
Less I want to become

The deeper I research, study
Shallower gets my knowledge
The more I think I am ready
Less I fulfil my pledge

The broader I keep my view
Narrower becomes the path
The harder I try to pursue
Less company I get as sociopath

The plainer the truth, real
More complex the meaning
The sharper it turns to feel
Less I am sure of my being

The smoother the expressions
Rougher the practice within
The more I see connections
Less I feel others on my skin

The longer I relate, converse
Shorter gets the path to self
Life always has laws in inverse
Yet truth never contradicts itself


3 Comments to “Life’s Inverse Laws”

  1. Your poem’s a Pandora’s box
    Filled to the brim with paradox
    In speaking of life’s laws inverse
    You’ve written quite compelling verse

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