Girl, you’ll be a woman soon

by Devina

(@Vladimir Mukhin, click to view gallery.)

Girl child, listen to your mama

Listen to your daddy

You might scream and shout

But more often than not they know

What they’re talking about

Because once upon a time

They were where you are

Young, new, untried and not yet at your prime


Girl you’ll be a woman soon

The slick black crows

will be circling you from all sides

The world outside is a wonderful place

But like every garden, it has its snakes

They will try to woo you, lure you

With honey glazed words,

They’ll promise you the world

Stay sharp and don’t be a fool and be fooled

It’s a wild world out there,

And in it you’re just a little more than a child


There will come a time when your heart will race

For a man, a dangerous time, girl

When your heart is yours to give and it’s all you have

I promise you that you will get hurt

But you’ll be a woman soon, you learn to fight like one

You learn the hard way if you’re not careful

But don’t give up girl, don’t let them win

Don’t let them take all what’s yours

Because girl you’ll be a woman soon

What is a woman

With out hope and a dream?

© Devina S.


4 Comments to “Girl, you’ll be a woman soon”

  1. Such truer words were never written. Very nice. Blessings.

  2. Lovely poem and photo, this poem has been in the pipeline a long time 🙂

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