Poetry Challenge: “Self-Portrait” – Just me

by Devina
(via Pinterest)

(via Pinterest)

Who can I be but me?

A spirit of a bird trapped in a cage

An old soul in a young shell

Living in a new world

A collection of old rock music

A shutterbug stuck in one place

Having hardly a face


I am the dust within the pages

The keeper of smiles and memories

The singer of unheard songs

The writer of untold ballads

A shadow in the almost absolute dark

I am but a mere speck

Sometimes a wreck


Wondering spirit, sometimes lost

Surprisingly manages to be found

The frog princess

Who doesn’t require

The kiss of a real prince

To be beautiful

Just love


The accustomed creak in the boards

The insistent rustle of the leaves

A laugh in the wind

An avid listener

Secret keeper

Reckless prattler

A touch-me-not

Longing for a caress

Wary but a friend to all

Those who care


Again I ask, who can I be but me?

All these and more, to be sure

Like the sand on the shore

A stone trying to be strong

During the weathering

Of time

© Devina S.

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