Blighted guide

by Shashi Moore
via ermilia blog

via ermilia blog

Silent stiletto

Canopy of dark black clouds

Static irreplaceable titanic troll

Waiting for unassuming misled lads

Lassies widows and blighted brides all,

Lures around the winding steps then the

Hopeless find sense as they fly off the zenith dive.

rough roaring waves grind bones with stones

 into the shallow graves at its feet

The wrecks washed tattered trimmings at base

Filled with spirits enflamed fuel that siphoned

to light the spooky sky.

Winking now and then at the high sea thieves

Watching over the young and old waiting to strike

With whip wiry waves of salt

Into the rough waters to win the war

Young braves weather the storm

Their guiding light is not the knight in armor

but a gigantic tall sea guard who

Escorts the lost to the shores

Shelter the monsters of the sea when

the tides reside and the maids come out for the young

Daredevils and pry on them to take the place of their fair maids.

The silver splashes savor the blighted light for the

yonder lies the heart of a sailor who wants to bring

home his bride. Here she will rest until the

lights flicker the sky for the warriors of the sea,

 in search of a prize.

By: Shashi Moore


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