My Red Shoes!

by willowdot21

These are my, can do shoes! My  not going to listen to you shoes! My get up and go shoes! My stamp on and kick the shit out of the blues, shoes! My ain’t gonna be be put on by you shoes! My skipping and dancing in the moonlight shoes.

My walking the righteous path shoes! my  who am I kidding shoes? My kicking up a rumpus fetch me my compass shoes! My who you looking at shoes, my cop an eye full of this shoes! My ain’t behaving well shoes. My dancing on the ceiling enjoying every second shoes!

My in ya face, fall from grace shoes. My come and get me shoes, my tiny winy skirt shoes! My delights are on offer shoes! My need a thrill shoes,  my ones and twos shoes! My I am bored shoes, my I want it now shoes!

My singing in the rain shoes, my apple pie up in the sky shoes! My tipping the scales my way shoes, my light a candle say a prayer shoes! My uppdido shoes, my yabbadabbado shoes! My take a look at you shoes, my lookie lookie I just might let you touch shoes!  My who am I kidding shoes, my I wish I was not such a wooze shoes!

My when is my turn shoes? My fingers burned all hopes spurned shoes! My bridges burnt shoes, my lessons learnt shoes! My on my own shoes, my without a home shoes! My nothing left to loose shoes!

4 Comments to “My Red Shoes!”

  1. In ya face shoes 🙂 that they are.

  2. this is so extremely well explored and it explodes in words! Wonderful!

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