Dog called Jack.

by journeyintopoetry

Limerick Time!!


There once was a dog called Jack
who hadn’t a bad bone in his back.
He stood there like lead
while the cats stole his bed
and then slept on a piece of old sack.

He wanted to do something bad
to show us what courage he had.
So he jumped in the stream
where he shouldn’t have been
but he got himself wet and felt sad.

He decided he wouldn’t be brave,
it involved to many a close shave.
Yet he stood there with zeal
while the cats had their meal
and then ate what they wanted to save.


10 Comments to “Dog called Jack.”

  1. The cats rule a house 🙂

  2. Yes Harry, they definitely do! 😊

  3. That was fun! Poor guy!

  4. Brilliant ! Bravo ! Giggling ~ thank you !

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