by Harry

Submitted by colinandray


They stepped into the boat.
He took the oars…
And rowed them away from the dock.
A few minutes later,
He put them down…
And the boat just drifted.
“A wonderful time to talk”,
At least that was his thought.
With the sound of the water,
And the rhythm of the boat,
Surely this must be the time?
But then his mind just drifted.

He thought about past times.
She looked preoccupied
But he had no idea why.
He asked her if she felt okay.
She turned away, with a sigh,
And his voice just drifted.
He quickly changed the subject,
Not understanding her response.
He wanted, after all, to make amends.
He tried to talk about their families.
He tried to talk about their friends,
But… her mind just drifted.
She remembered years ago.
He was quite different then.
Considerate and always there for her.
He was her lover, husband and friend.
Now she thinks – does he really care?
And her eyes just drifted.
She watched some birds
But… really did not see.
She was looking across the river
To avoid eye contact with him.
What would her future be?
And the question just drifted.
She knew what to say
But… not how to say it.
She knew what she wanted in time.
He was no longer the man
She wanted holding her hand.
And her thoughts just drifted.
He watched in despair and thought,
“I can’t take all the blame.
It takes two to forget and to forgive.
I can’t do this on my own
But then, I need my life to live.”
And his emotions just drifted.
He wanted what he had before.
The girl he married; the girl he adored;
But life just seemed to intervene
And take them different ways.
Nothing now was how it had been,
And his memories just drifted.
He picked up the oars
Rowed back to the dock,
And helped her out of the boat.
She turned around and thanked him,
But remembered the letter he wrote,
And her mind just drifted.
She remembered his words
To that other woman.
She remembered the pain inside.
She remembered the feelings,
Of rejection and betrayal,
And how their relationship drifted.
He watched her sadly walk away
Then… getting off the boat,
He pushed it out into the river.
It started to move very slowly.
He turned, but there was nothing to say,
And the boat just drifted.
They both watched it move
Carried away by the current.
A boat also with nothing to say.
They looked at each other,
Empty and lost,
And the boat just drifted away.

One Comment to “Adrift”

  1. Thank you Harry for providing the opportunity to share “Adrift”. Regards. Colin.

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