by thereluctantpoet

By Charles Robert Lindholm

There Are Certain Things
That Should Be Avoided In Life,
Best You Know The Really
Important Ones Because
Some Things Can Kill You
If You Aren’t Careful

Then There Are Other Things
That Someone, Like Your Mom
Or Grandma Or Dad
Should Have Taught You,
Manners, How To Do Things
And What To Watch Out For

Thinking Out Loud
Is One Of Those Things
That Isn’t Such A Great Idea.
Why, You Ask?

Well, It Seems That When
You Are Silent, People
Can Only Surmise Things
About You And They Tend
To Be Generous And Forgiving
Most Of The Time.
When They Are Just Guessing
About You

But, Putting Your Thoughts
In An Audible Form For Yourself
Gives Others A Chance To Listen In
And Have An Insight Into
Your Beliefs, Feelings And More,
Something You May Not Have Intended,
And You May Not Like The Resulting Outcome

Guys Learn At An Early Age That
Letting Others Know How You Feel
May Come Back To Bite Them
So We Tend Not To Share Our Feelings.

This Drives Girls Nuts Because For
Some Reason They Love To Listen To Others
And Share About Themselves Too

There Seems To Be Some Socialization Disparities
In How Male And Female Children Are Raised

So Don’t Think Out Loud
And Try And Avoid
Letting All Your True Inner Feelings
Be Known To Others, If Possible,
Chances Are They May Never Be Forgotten
Nor Forgiven And You May Not Like The Nickname
Others Give You

There Is A Reason For The Old Saying, “Silence Is Golden”!

Having Said All This
I Do Succumb
To Thinking Out Loud, Sometimes
If I’m Pretty Sure No One Is Around.

If Someone Sneaks Up On You Somehow
I Have Found The Best Way
To Get Them To Leave You Alone
And Just Go Away Is To Make Them Think
You Are Off Your Medications!

It’s Really Just Better Not To Think Out Loud
If You Can Control It??

Copyright © 2018 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved

Inspired By My Friend, Stephen Fuller In An Email


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