by thereluctantpoet

By Charles Robert Lindholm 

She was hiding
in the shadows
in the corner
of the room
while couples
filled the dance floor
she was there alone 

a wallflower
watching from her place
quietly waiting and hoping
for a chance to blossom 

but even in the dim light
I could see a sparkle in her eyes
and I couldn’t help but stare
at her beauty on display
and the smile upon her face
as she gently swayed to the music 

Then suddenly
she caught me
watching her
but I couldn’t look away
and I heard the sweetest whisper
filling up my head
urging me to meet her
and so I walked her way 

And when I introduced myself
and asked her for a dance
she answered yes
and offered up her hand
as she held mine firmly
and shyly smiled
as two pairs of eyes
locked upon each other 

I was blessed to find a flower
hiding against the wall
and once I got to know her
she was the best of all

for she was
a wildflower
at heart
and she stole mine
that night
and I’ve never asked
to have it back


Copyright © 2017 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved 

Inspired by “Wallflower” by DavyD
doesitevenmatter3’s comment to “Wallflower” 

Please go read both!



  1. Chuck, glad to have provided the inspiration to this excellent poem.

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