It Rained Again Last Night

by Abigail Gronway

It started light
Just a trickle
A whisper
A nibble on my lobe
Finger brushed a stray hair away
A dark cloud, you hovered over me
With a promise of rain
Musk heavy in my nostrils
Larger drops now fell
Filling my mouth
Flowing down my neck
Rivulets formed between my mountains
Then flooded and submerged them
Coursed and surged as they flowed southward
You completely overshadowed me
Rain pelted my already dampened skin
Moisture puddled where the storm raged the fiercest
Heat intensified until Crack! went the lightning
Thunder reverberated through my earth and your sky
Boisterous tempest in every vein
Reluctantly the rumble of the thunder faded away
Cloudburst subsided into a euphoric shower
Hand lost itself in hair
Another drop on my lips
Into my mouth
Pirouetting with my tongue
Sucking my lip on the release
Another nibble
Another whisper
And all was still again

Copyright © 2017 Linda Luna – All Rights Reserved
from Dark Side of the Moon

2 Comments to “It Rained Again Last Night”

  1. I found the imagry in this peice to be quite sensusal . Im not sure if there was intention there , or if its what my mind made of the words, but a very enjoyable read.

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