An Ocean of Colors to find with me.

by Colly


Whale rise.

Rise UP high.

Make a splash –

with your large grey tail.

Then dive back in-to the deep

blue ocean…and

Swim whale, swim.

Seagull fly.

Soar UP high.

In the sky.

I see a white and grey wing.

Fly-ING above me.

A-way DOWN low

down the bird swoops

to rest on a post…

Caw – Caw

say’s the seagull.

A-way – far away.

UP in the sky

seagull’s soar, swoop and fly.

UP above the deep blue o-ocean.

Down below my feet

sink in-to the soft, brown


I can sift it with my hands.

Through all of my ten fingers:

One, two, three – four and five.

Six, seven, eight – nine and ten.

My mom and I,

walk along the sandy beach.

I put on my water-wings and

wade close to shore.

The water is cool and rocks me

back and forth.

As I swim, splash, and dive…

the water pushes me out to sea and

then back towards the shore a-gain –

in a rocky motion.

Whoosh – swoosh – and

with a push from the sea,

I go back and forth –

back and forth.

Later, mom and I have our

brown paper, bag, lunch on

two, round, smooth rocks.

There are many big,


white rocks here.

I climb some.

I can climb high!

But not enough to reach the sky.

Now mom say’s we need to leave.

I look back, wave goodbye –

to the sea, rocky waves and beach.

But we will return a-gain

some day.

Because the sea

means fun

for you and me.

(clip-art photo attached at the top)


7 Comments to “An Ocean of Colors to find with me.”

  1. Did you know you have a poem in drafts

  2. Such a lovely and charming expressive experience shared. (@–>–)

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