by mikeb


Beneath the surface of the pond
Amongst the murky depths
Unseen bodies live a life
Of permanent unrest
The surface is a joyous place
Sunlight streams across
But the deeper that you go
Darkness is the boss.

What can cheer these zombies up
Do they crave the light
Shining on their troubled walk
And their unseen plight
Surely there is something there
An answer to their gloom
If they rose up to the top
They would erupt in bloom.

So let the light of Christ come in
Into your darkest place
Where the doors are tightly shut
Where you won’t show your face
There is nothing that you are
That can’t be sorted out
Trust Him with your past and fears
He knows what you’re about.


2 Comments to “BENEATH”

  1. Your posts are wondrous

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