The poet’s dog

by Jem Croucher


Curled up in a ball
and sleeping as I write
My faithful hound called ‘Obi’
is a lovely sight
He’s really happy snoozing
whilst I find words to say
But now and then looks up at me
to make sure I’m okay
So as a sort of accolade
with a cheer and little clap
I’ll write this poem for him
‘Cos he’s a lovely little chap

Photo – ‘Obi wan Kinobi’ – Jempics


4 Comments to “The poet’s dog”

  1. I find that my own dog, Trigger keeps my feet firmly on the ground. His cold wet nose, pressed against my hand, demanding attention pulls me back to the present for we poets can, I think live too much in the world of the mind. Kevin

  2. Beautiful words, coming from the heart.

  3. Lovely wee poem. We recently went to buy a radio at Argos and came home with a stray Jack Russell – now we have three

  4. Ah, such a fine tribute to such a devoted friend. (@–>–)

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