To Mothers For Mother’s Day

by irinadim


I salute all Mothers
Those who wanted to be
Those who didn’t want to be
Those who couldn’t be
But dreamed to be

I salute all Mothers
Irrespective of creed or colour
Married or unmarried
Loved and cherished
Or judged and rejected

I rejoice in your joys
As you watch your offspring
Walking down the path of Light
And I feel your anguish and pain
When they’re battling with fiends

I salute your selfless devotion
To the baby in your tender arms
Your everlasting Love
And infinite Patience
O Mothers of this World!


Copyright 2014 Irina Dimitric

This poem now appears in my book ‘Dreams On My Pillow’. It was first posted on Irina’s Poetry Corner last year.


10 Comments to “To Mothers For Mother’s Day”

  1. Reblogged this on The Militant Negro™.

  2. Perfect for all our Mama, Moms, Mothers out there ❤

  3. Such beautiful words about a wonderful subject, dear to most hearts!

  4. Beautiful! Makes me want to call my mum and thank her for everything ❤

    • Oh please do, Andrea. I had a chance to thank my mother many times while she lived, and for the very last time the day before she passed away I thanked her for everything. I’m honoured my poem touched you so deeply and I thank you for letting me know.

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