Sorrows Embrace

by Seafarrwide


What but the birds shrill song

The dog’s long howl

The babies screeching cry

Prickled fur of fear

Hollow ribs of the starved

Eyes dense like a black birds

Fear crackling in the wind

Backs turn without a glance

The flame flickers a dying dance

Darkness without a Dawn

Dirt fresh on shallow graves

A new being is born

Will it learn traits of scorn

Man is the sire of sorrow

Will there be a tomorrow

Poem by Wendy Norman (Seafarrwide)

Image by Willy Gobel


4 Comments to “Sorrows Embrace”

  1. Great image. Why did you decide to capitalize “Dawn”? That is the only word in the piece that is capitalized that doesn’t begin a stanza.

    • Thanks for your comment Jarrod. The reason I did capitalize Dawn was not only because Dawn is the only hope and another chance for Humanity to make improvements but as a tool to give that line a better end stopping moment and the word itself somewhat authority. I’m grateful you enjoyed it.

  2. Awesome piece – thought provoking – thanks for the share. 🙂

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