From Heaven…

by lviswa

heavenly view


‘T  was  a free unfettered fly downwards

body mind light giffy brisk

pure calm   Any silly thoughts–Nay

’cause  t’s from the abode of Heaven

enthralling gardens coloured unique hanging by dirt& filth

couldn’t  cut&paste the dirt elsewhere

escalating  elevating towers touch-down for filmy celestials

man-made structures deletable by  quakes

some tiny dots & odd patches of figurines here  there  around

a chameleon of white dark brown  hues

couldn’t be moved to empty folders

blue sheets of water which hid  370  MH

multi-coloured mts white green blue

barren deserts in between  paling out  gr /blue

uploaded  landscapes  snows-capes  canyans

to be  downloaded  to human memory

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