I am The Child

by Heather's Starting End


For I am the child
That I was long ago
I exist
Sacred corner of my soul

I cannot taste the bitter
I know not of the wrong
I am pure and simple
Unscathed by years lorn

Upholding dreams
Against acquisition of fear
That Childs life eternal
An end will draw near

Belligerent for answers
My adult counterpart
Why kill the child
That’s born to our heart

With love she will flourish
With peace of mankind
Our child within
An inquisitive mind

Taint her please not
With knowledge of war
Injure her not
Of the lonely and poor

Let just a piece
A small piece of soul
House our dear Child
To chaperone us old

A reminder of beauty
Of trust and those kind
A shield from the
Truth of ruined mankind

For I am the Child
That I was long ago
Let me live on
To never let go

3 Comments to “I am The Child”

  1. Lovely request…lovely poem.

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