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July 24, 2017


by dokurtybitz

He looks at me
Peeking out from

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February 3, 2017


by Devina

via Pixbay

Ants clamber upon a

far flung crumb

they eat, they build,

nest and they mate

Begin again, and again

Some farm and nurture

The others, locust among

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March 15, 2015

~ Broken Spell

by A. L. O'Prunty

~ Broken Spell

Day unfolded as if spun gold

Ribbons, layers of ribbons
Adorned the brilliance
In colour coded stratus clouds infused

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September 1, 2014


by Seafarrwide


By Wendy Norman

The sky was infinite
No limitations in sight
Brooding with grotesque labyrinths
Dark as an evil mans soul

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April 7, 2014

I am The Child

by Heather's Starting End


For I am the child
That I was long ago
I exist
Sacred corner of my soul

I cannot taste the bitter
I know not of the wrong
I am pure and simple
Unscathed by years lorn

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February 23, 2013

Homo Sapien

by Shashi Moore
(via google)

(via google)

Homo sapiens

With trembling hands I hold on

Wondering where the sanity has gone

Should I influence the thinking of all?

Or spend time pondering if it’s my call

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July 17, 2012

Snow Flakes: Poem

by Harry

Unheard, quietly, silently.

Crystals of white.

They started to fall.

Slowly at first.

But ever-increasing.

It was so much now.

We could say it was snowing.

It started to form.

A carpet of white.

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