You Are the Blessing

by Morgan

You are the Blessing

Blessings of Peace and Joy
Of Life and Truth
Of Love and Hope
Of the Sweetest Gifts
Which E’er can be Bestowed
Rest Upon Your Shoulders,
Touch You with their Smiling Presence,
Guide You in Dark Moments
And Steer You towards the Path Chosen Only for You.

Know with Certainty
You Do Not Walk Alone,
You Do Not Breathe in Solitude,
You Are Not Singled out, Isolated and Lost,
You Are Blessed, Sweetest Soul of the Beloved,
You are the Greatest Joy Love Knows,
You Stand in the Shadow of Protective Wings,
You Walk with the Hand of the Father Ever Near.

Receive These Blessing
With a Thankful and Certain Hope,
Brave in the Face of Doubt and Fear,
Strong in His Greater Strength,
And BE the Best YOU You CAN Be,
For YOU are the Blessing that Walks and Talks,
Touches Lives and Shares the Bright Light
Of This Love
With All the World.


Beautiful Original Artwork by: korolevatumana at


8 Comments to “You Are the Blessing”

  1. Morgan, please know that YOU are a blessing through this inspiring post!

  2. What a beautiful way to start a Monday. God bless you sis, Diana

  3. Actually, morgan morgan, YOU are the blessing!

  4. Morgan it is always a blessing and a privilege to read your poems. I look forward to them arriving in my inbox 🙂

    • Oh my Goodness 🙂 I am the one who is blessed and honoured. I never think about people getting my posts in their email…I tend to use the Reader so much that I forget about emails. What a true gift to hear. I am so thankful for friends like you 🙂

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