A “Wifely Motivation” Limerick

by Joel Kravitz

I have been trying to be a good husband and do all the things that my wife asks me to do. However, I must admit, I sometimes fall short. To quote Bill Murray as Carl Spackler, assistant greens keeper, in Caddyshack, sometimes “I (am) unavoidably detained.” By sports on television, playing with dog, potchka-ing around in the kitchen, writing limericks….

She’s not too hard on me, by my way of thinking, but she does not like having to get after me. If I make a list, I am better at following instructions, but that assumes that I will remember where I put the list. Hey, I am almost 62 years old and a member of the Woodstock “just say ‘Yes'” generation. Memory is not my strong suit. At this point, I can barely remember the answer to my secret question when I am trying to retrieve an online password…and my secret question is “What is your only child’s name?”

This morning the wife once again let me know how much she dislikes having to nag me but that the best way to get me to do anything is for her to “stick my foot up your butt” …And it led to this –

Due to my lack of exertion
The wife’s resorted to nagging assertion.
Since I’m not moved
It seems she’s behooved
To motivate me with podiatric insertion


One Comment to “A “Wifely Motivation” Limerick”

  1. Love it Joel, your wife has a time of it with you 🙂

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