Loop: Truth Wonderful

by Venkat

Riding atop a wave
Wave of freedom
Freedom of mind
Mind liberated
Liberated thoughts
Thoughts fresh
Fresh by new vision
Vision from learning
Learning to evaluate
Evaluate others
Others fearless
Fearless in expression
Expression without anger
Anger dead in feeling
Feeling without guilt
Guilt lost in selflessness
Selflessness in action
Action devoid of lust
Lust inappropriate
Inappropriate occasion
Occasion to the eyes
Eyes learn to accept
Accept as things exist
Exist in forms independent
Independent by nature
Nature disparate
Disparate in all ways
Ways mysterious
Mysterious and unknown
Unknown yet ever present
Present and strong
Strong by apparent conflicts
Conflicts in words
Words uttered
Uttered never
Never in our time
Time comes to a halt
Halt unimaginable
Unimaginable crossroads
Crossroads unfelt
Unfelt by heart
Heart to love
Love despite difference
Difference yet an illusion
Illusion forever
Forever distinct
Distinct in Universe
Universe since birth
Birth of truth
Truth wonderful

4 Comments to “Loop: Truth Wonderful”

  1. What a wonderful loop poem. I loved the journey it took me on.

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